Replace What is Lost

Our food chain is compromised with processed foods and more chemicals than we every knew existed. Our bodies are deficient now more than every of essential vitamins and minerals needed to keep our body's systems working properly. it is important to replace what is lost in our body to support such areas as the nervous, lymphatic, endocrine, digestive, and muscular systems to name a few. 

I teach what supplements are worth your money, and which are not. Which will benefit the area of need within your body, they are not for everyone! Since they are unregulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), careful consideration in purchasing from a reputable formulator is vital in ingesting only quality nutrients to benefit your body's cells.




Maintain Using Only Organic Sources

Identifying sustainable products to manufacturer quality supplements is not common practice these days. You want quality products procured from environmentally conscious suppliers who can assure we are ingesting pure ingredients for maximum advantages. I teach you the recommended dosage and the best time to ingest them for maximum benefit to your cells. Introducing you to responsible and sustainable sources which is very important to me because they take their business of supplements very seriously.