See what my students are saying about their learning experiences.

I was amazed at how patient Bill was during my training. He took the time to explain the ‘why and how’ regarding my fitness and nutrition regimen. I totally changed my eating habits and lost 11 pounds in less than a month! I am on my way toward my goal weight and feeling better!
— Pat S. age 38
Learning Bill’s background and previous experience made the choice to ask for his life-changing skills all the easier. We were very motivated by his inspirational stories of his previous child clients and how he literally changed their lives. Coaching parents on portion control, grocery buying, and food preparation along with limiting screen time and engaging children in physical activity was enough for us to make the decision for our two children. You’ll never know the amazing results until you try! The time we spend with our kids is now quality family time and we are instilling the teachings of Bill for a better life for our kids. Thank you!
— Adrianne & Dan G. ages 40 & 43. Children ages 11 & 14.
We asked Bill to voluntarily organize and present a 20 minute fitness workout and a 15 minute nutrition presentation for our 19 employees. He was motivating and inspiring which prompted our company to create a corporate fitness program. He really encouraged us to make changes in our lives, and we did!
— Jesse C. age 32
Absolutely AMAZING results! If you put forth the effort and apply his skills of wellness, you are well on the way to changing your life! Wow!
— Willie L. age 55
We stumbled upon Bill by mere accident, or was it? My wife and I workout regularly, try to eat right, and attend Yoga together. The meditation techniques we have learned here have opened up a whole new spiritual world. We are closer than ever and are now learning something new every day from the teachings of a great man, thank you Bill.
— Jon & Emma H. ages 26 & 24
We were skeptical thinking this was just another health site, and we were SO wrong. Content you won’t find anywhere else that changes lives. We are now lifetime members!
— Jim & Lillie ages 42 & 40